We have been a top tier provider of a wide range of fabrication services for prestigious public organizations and ambitious private clients around the world for 40 years. Cemrock employs the finest artists capable of recreating naturalistic themes with jaw-dropping realism. 

We specialize in the fabrication and installation of artificial and themed environments with the use of sculpted shotcrete, GFRC, FRP, Epoxy, and polyurethane. Work includes: artificial rockwork, water features, zoo and aquarium habitats, FRP tank fabrication, artificial coral fabrication, inserts, artificial trees and vines, theming, play features, sculptural elements, slope stabilization, sculpted shotcrete, scale architectural and biological models, and more.



Creating naturalistic habitats requires the use of specialized construction methods that are dependent on artistic ability as well as traditional techniques. Our fabricated habitats include: artificial rockwork, artificial trees/logs/vines, custom fiberglass tank fabrication, tank inserts, coral replicas, and naturalistic painting with the use of safe, non-toxic products designed specifically for delicate marine life and zoo habitats. We take pride in employing the very best artists and craftsman who provide an unparalleled finished product.



Cemrock has the ability to create one-of-a-kind, custom play sculptures and features, themed environments, and play equipment that are promised to entertain. Our talented artists are hard at work creating themed playground features like pirate ships, animal sculptures from life-sized to giant, interactive play areas, and a limitless array of whimsical structures to stoke the imaginations of our burgeoning youth. Isn’t it time you thought outside the sandbox? Let us help you create a themed playground of your dreams.



Our innovative sculpted shotcrete retaining solutions are applicable to virtually any retaining situation. We specialize in the recreation of naturalistic geologies with steel and sculpted shotcrete. We can also create aesthetically pleasing sculpted shotcrete facades on existing traditional retaining wall systems. Cemrock’s sculpted shotcrete retaining walls can resemble any geology or texture desired. We are approved by the National Park Service and California Coastal Commission.



In the commercial and residential industry, Cemrock has the ability to make your establishment unique with custom entry features consisting of creative displays, water features, and sculpted shotcrete retaining walls.


shop fabrication services

Cemrock’s corporate headquarters is located on 1.5 acres in Tucson, Arizona. The facility comprises of both indoor and outdoor fabrication space. Staffed with skilled artisans and talented tradesmen, Cemrock’s fabrication services consist of custom fiberglass tank fabrication, tank inserts, coral fabrication, artificial trees, vines, and ice, custom play features, sculptural items, metal fabrication, signage, and theming. We are ready to undertake projects that incorporate a variety of trades and specialized skills with innovative methods and materials.



Cemrock has had many return clients due to our willingness to be a team player and take the time to understand what the Owner and Design Team want as a final product. Our pre-construction services assist in a value added - value engineering approach. Our professional services include: cost estimating, design-assist, project planning, scheduling, scale model fabrication, shop drawings and renderings, constructability review and value engineering. Our goal is to become a team member early on in the process to develop and produce the most successful and award-winning projects.


Cemrock takes pride in our record of constructing naturalistic exhibits and themed environments. Our main goal is client satisfaction; it is the measure by which we gauge our success. We understand that our continued subsistence depends on this so we make every effort to achieve it. In addition to the  below testimonials, please click on this LINK to view all Cemrock Awards.


LAGOON Amusement Park

“Lagoon has enjoyed the excellent, productive working relationship with CEMROCK Landscapes, Inc. from concept design to feature installation and after sale service. The Cannibal mega roller coaster opened to 100 percent fabulous reviews in all media and continues to exceed our guests’ expectations. We appreciate the vision and association of CEMROCK Landscapes, Inc. to make our totally unique design a fabulous reality.” Dustin Allen, Director of Engineering of Lagoon Corporation

Testimonial 3 - Dublin_900PX.jpg


“I highly recommend Cemrock to any zoo or aquarium that simply wants the very best.” Lee Osterweghel, Director of Dublin Zoo in Dublin, Ireland

Testimonial 2 - LBAP2_900PX.jpg

Aquarium of the pacific

“Cemrock’s artistry and skills are the highest amongst the industry, and they have consistently demonstrated this throughout the multiple projects they have completed for the Aquarium of the Pacific. Cemrock remains our preferred exhibit designer/contractor, and we recommend them for all artificial rockwork, exhibit and theming needs.” John Rouse, VP of Operations for the Aquarium of the Pacific

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